About Us

At Polk Family Connection we’re working to ensure that all children are healthy, ready for school, and succeed when they get there; that families are stable, self-sufficient, and productive; and communities are vibrant, robust, and thriving. Getting to long-lasting community results requires collaboration across these five key result areas. None of them stand in isolation; they overlap. By convening at the same table on a monthly basis, our partner organizations share resource information to address food insecurity, employment services and training, early childhood and youth development, education, health disparity resources, poverty, trauma informed practices, domestic violence, and language barriers. We share a long history of collaboration, warm hand-offs and community partnerships that strengthen those efforts.

Specifically, we want to see children born healthy—and stay healthy. We want all young children to receive the resources and supports they need to prepare them to start school ready to learn, and we want all students to succeed. We are working to further these aims through our three strategies: children reading at grade level by 3rd grade, students succeeding in school and graduating on time, and families that are stable and self-sufficient.  To assist in reaching those goals, we participate in state-wide initiatives such as Early Childhood Health and Education and Get Georgia Reading Campaign for Grade-Level Reading.

A strong social infrastructure, coupled with evaluating our progress, is the best way to enable measurably better outcomes. Any issue we’ve addressed, every action we’ve supported, all the success we’ve helped to achieve, are a shared effort.

About Georgia Family Connection

Georgia Family Connection is the only statewide network of its kind in the country with partners in all 159 counties working toward measurably better outcomes for our children, families, and communities. This gives us a unique vantage point—not only to see the big picture—but also to operate effectively at a local level.

We disentangle the mess of barriers, service gaps, and inefficiencies obscuring progress for our most vulnerable families. We do that by connecting our partners to resources, helping coordinate and manage efforts, and empowering our communities to craft local solutions based on local decisions.

Georgia Family Connection Partnership (GaFCP) represents and promotes Georgia Family Connection’s work, provides expertise in planning and governance, administers the state-appropriated funds for the local Collaboratives, sets standards of excellence, and helps Collaboratives evaluate their progress.

The state’s designated KIDS COUNT grantee, GaFCP also provides state agencies and policymakers with current, reliable data they need to inform decisions about improving conditions for the communities they serve.

Our Work

At Georgia Family Connection, we work to ensure that all children are healthy, primed for school, and succeed when they get there; families are stable, self-sufficient, and productive; and communities are vibrant, robust, and thriving.

None of these result areas stand in isolation. They overlap. By collaborating across sectors to address them, we nurture children and families who thrive in vibrant communities—everywhere. Because we work toward measurably better outcomes for everyone.